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EPS VINA HI-TECH has established overseas investment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2016, It is located in 'Saigon Hi-Tech Park' which is well-known as an industrial complex. We expanded our EPS packaging materials factory. With the new project, we established a corporation by expanding the Plant Specialization LED/Transformer Buried Underground System .

The factory site is about 14,895 m2, It is located within a minute walk from Gate 3 of SEHC (SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS HCMC CE COMPLEX) in SHTP complex. We can provide stable delivery (shipment and shortening of delivery time) of the packing material that has been going on, and prompt business response.


2016. 07 Prepare to Build Overseas Corporation in Vietnam.
2016. 08 AMATA Industry Park Land Purchase (Building Site 26,531㎡)
2016. 12 Ho Chi Minh SHTP industrial park rental contract
(Total floor area 14,895㎡).
2017. 01 Preparing to Build a Factory in the SHTP Industrial Complex
(due to be completed in November 2017) EPS VINA
HI-TECH Co., Ltd is preparing to establish Overseas Corporation.
2017. 05 SHTP Technical Evaluation Authorization (TEF) Complete
Established HI-TECH Corporation Order & contract various
EPS related facilities (mold, fire extinguisher, boiler, etc.)
2017. 09 Starting EPS Equipment Shipping and Logistics,
Starting to Set Up the Facilities.
2017. 10 EPS utility facility (Boiler, Etc.)
and 10EA Molding Machines Set-Up completed.
2017. 11 Factory Completion and Completion Ceremony.
2017. 12 EPS 2EA Molding Machines (Long Type) Set-Up completed.
2018. 03 LED Business Unit SMT Equipment Order and Contract.
2018. 04 SMT Facility Line Set-Up Plan.



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