Led Chrysanthemum



Model: CL-7G95R

Name Glass
Type Round
Voltage AC 220-240 V
Power 7W
Bulb plug E27
Size G95
Weight 60G
Frequency 50-60Hz
Light Color RED
Average Life 15000 H

Prevention Of Harmfull Insects


  • Lighting is purple anf red
    Not insectst butterflies and various pets,...
  • Dedicated to chrysanthemum
    Not easy steal
  • Capacity is suitable for Chrysanthemum
    Saving the electronic not waste the power
  • The spectral level is suitable for daisy flowers
    Optimal crop performance

Compact Sander

  • White lighting so have many insectst butterflies and various pets,...
    Rapid infection, spread Wide range,
    note standard size and quality,...
  • Compact light easy to used popular
    Not easy steal
  • Spectrum does not match for Chrysanthemum
    The optimum efficiency of lighting is not achieved
  • Capcity copact is too high
    Not saving the power

In the past, 300 hectares of chrysanthemum had been infected in the Dalat area.
The farmers ruined the farming of that year It took six months to restore it. The cause of the disease is that the insects that died when the light was seen in the evening died, and the germs affected the plants. Our light bulbs are eco-friendly due to the reduction of power, which helps farmers grow chrysanthemums safely.

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