Expandable Polystyrene

EPS Boxes are the best choice to pack and ship the perishable goods, fragile items for relocating, and protection of delicate electronic and medical equipment.

Fresh, frozen foods such as fish, meat, and vegetable should be kept cool and well- preserved to maintain their freshness for longer periods of time, regardless of the external environment.

EPS Boxes are used primarily as fish boxes, however, packing fish is not the only use for them. EPS Boxes make an excellent packing for ice-cream and provide reliable protection for all types of confectionaries packaging such as chocolates, cakes that require protection from extreme temperatures. EPS Boxes are made in a variety of shapes and sizes to take your items where they need to go, fresh, in one piece, and at a reasonable cost.

Air light Food Grade Ozone Friendly Recyclable

EPS Boxes are the well known solution for pertaking the above products, be it mass shipment, storage for restaurants, hotels, and other F&B commercial outlets.

At normal usage, Molded EPS BOXES don’t break or crack. They are made with special grade, food friendly Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) raw material. All our EPS Boxes are CFC-free, Re-usable and 100% recyclable.

All our EPS Boxes have no nutritional value and do not support the formation of molds, bacteria, or moss. Consequently, their demand in the food industry packaging and storage is extremely high, especially in the poultry and fishery.

Though all standard EPS  Boxes are Molded with state-of-the-art technology shape molding machines, we have a facility that produces any size non-standard EPS Boxes by fabricating them as per customer’s requirements.



Existing Equipment





7 machines 

140 tons

1,680 tons

DABO DSM2400CVTGL Long - Type

1 machine

20  tons

240 tons

DABO DSM2400CVTGL Long - Type

1 machine

15  tons

180 tons


1 machine

15  tons

180  tons

SUNGHOON SHM-1800VS 3L Long – Type

2 machines

40  tons

480 tons

SUNGHOON SHC-438 Block Machine

1 machines

300 ~ 500 tons

3,600 ~ 6,000 tons

Block M/C & Foam Cutting

Each M/C 1 machine


14 machines 

about 230 tons

about 2.760 tons

Additonal Machine Equipment

30 machines 

about 500 tons

about 6,000 tons

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